Success Stories

ATI works with a wide range of business across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly supporting them with coaching, expert academic research and funding. The following shows a few examples of businesses who have benefitted from this support.

"We were keen to take a group through the Innovation Masterclass with the objective of disrupting our standard method of thinking. This was achieved through the facilitation of Bernard and Duncan, who provided us with the tools to improve our business thinking in terms of product, process and individual development. It has also given us the opportunity to establish a team with a collective mind-set who are focused on defining innovation objectives and allowed us to create the space in which to foster an engaged forum to address them outside our ‘business as usual’. We already have 5 business improvement projects in process." Alison - Skinners Brewery

The Big Beanbag Company:

Research & Innovation Support

“Although I have engaged with other support programmes, the advice ATI has provided has exceeded that of any other providers. ATI’s offer is really different in that it is tailored to the individual requirements of the client. Through ATI, we now have a new product in the market which would not have existed if it wasn’t for their support” – David Crawford, The Big Beanbag Company”

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"Thank you so much for all your help and advice and really thank your team for all the help." “Jenny (ATI Innovation Champion) has just been brilliant she’s blown me away with information” Nigel Inch, Celtic Heights.

Gendall Design:

Product Development Support Grant

“ATI have been brilliant throughout the process, not just in terms of giving us the funding but also the support from an innovation perspective. They’ve been a bit of a sounding board as much as anything. They’ve also pointed us in the right direction to speak with legal people in and around Intellectual Property and patents” – Greg Welch, Gendall Design

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Intellectual Property Workshop "Will take away - A better insight into trademarking and copyright law. Additional feedback: Very informative, concise and clear understanding on all relevant points" Michael Burton


Product Development Support Grant

We are delighted to share that our clients at Ultramed recently accepted the Association of Anaesthetist of GB and Ireland’s 2019 award for Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain for their MyPreOp program.

“It is a direct result of all the various bits of support we’ve had, ATI being the largest by some margin” says Dr Paul Upton, CEO and Co-founder at Ultramed.

After 4 years of development and testing, January also saw the first full implementation of MyPreOp go live at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – we look forward to see what else the future has in store for them.

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The IKE Masterclass - "Really enjoyable and informative. A lot of information and gave me a far better insight on what economic growth support is available in Cornwall." Mike - Konnect Cornwall

Tranquil Toys:

Prototyping & Product Development Support

“The ATI team fully understand my project and goals, and have been very supportive along the way with regular, proactive contact and connections to the right people. It’s their contact network that has been most valuable, and the financial support that comes with the programme to help put my idea into execution” Matt Bandy, Founder of Tranquil Toys

“Cornish Lithium are exploring for lithium-enriched geothermal brines across the county. As part of our exploration programme we are building a 3D model of the geology, mineralisation and structures beneath our feet in Cornwall to work out where these brines occur. The ATI funding has helped us to purchase some 4D modelling software (‘Leapfrog Geothermal’) which is allowing us to take this modelling to the next level by adding in how these fluids are flowing, and allowing us to better target our exploration boreholes – expediating our exploration programme. “The ATI team made the process of applying for the grant very straightforward, and visited our offices a couple of times to go through the paperwork we had to fill out. They were incredibly helpful and we would strongly encourage other Cornish businesses to apply for the scheme.” Lucy - Cornish Lithium

The Cornish Seaweed Bath Company:

Market Research & Business Innovation Support

“The product testing was incredibly valuable for us, being able to receive honest feedback from other professionals about our existing brand and our new brand concept was invaluable. The whole event was organised incredibly well and ATI’s Innovation Champion was amazing at constructing a questionnaire/survey. Despite the researcher’s background not being in skincare, she managed to totally ‘get’ what we were trying to achieve in discovering potential customers ‘hierarchy of needs’ when purchasing skincare. We were incredibly well supported though the whole experience and I would highly recommend ATI’s Cornwall Innovation Club to other businesses.” Hannah – The Cornish Seaweed Bath Company

“I value my meetings with my business innovation advisor because he truly understands the direction I want the business to take and grow. Not only does my advisor provide an impartial perspective on my ideas, he also helps me to focus on the right ideas for my business, rather than wasting energy on something that's unlikely to work long-term. Starting up a sister company to my already successful agency was daunting, but my advisor has helped me target the right markets for the services I'm offering, as well as suggest markets I hadn't even considered! Not only that, but he's provided me with a vision on how to scale this up over time." Katherine - Oh So Social


Market Research & Business Innovation Support

We are delighted for Cornwall based interactive 3D tour specialists, Ocean3D, who were named  the Innovation Gateway winner at this year’s New Civil Engineer Future of Airports conference. The company’s entry highlighted the £249 Billion market open to businesses who fully embrace accessibility for people with accessibility challenges due to visible and hidden conditions or injuries. Following the awards ceremony, the company was approached by a number of senior delegates and is now in talks with a range of major international and national airports, architects and construction companies. They’ve also been awarded the ‘Autism Friendly Award’ by The National Autistic Society, a great endorsement for their innovative solution. Ocean3D were assisted in their research, business planning and bid creation by the team at ATI, a ERDF funded programme in Cornwall which is led by the University of Plymouth.

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