Innovation Advice

Why work with an Innovation Advisor?

 Our Innovation Advisors are IKE Certified Innovation Professionals, who will work with businesses to identify opportunities for maximising productivity and competitive advantage. Working with our Innovation Advisors, you will be led through a specialist audit tool to measure where your organization is in regards to its innovation processes currently and its appetite for innovation going forward.

 We interpret innovation in its broadest sense to encourage Cornish businesses to recognise what constitutes innovation in their own business and to act on it. Innovation is not just invention but can be any change that leads to new or additional value for the customer leading to competitive advantage. 

 Therefore, finding more cost-effective ways of doing things, adding to existing products or services or accessing new markets.

 We aim to provide information, insights and expertise to find innovative solutions to your specific business challenges.

 Projects can be about known processes and technologies that are new in their application to your business. On the other hand, projects may be pure experimentation or research based, involving high levels of technical risk and be more about disrupting existing business channels.