What We Do


When you begin your journey with ATI, your dedicated advisor will provide a suite of tools that offer practical ways of achieving your business objective such as, developing a new product / service for your firm or improving the way the business functions.

Initially your advisor will work with you to help you measure where your organisation is in regards to its current position before working collaboratively with you on your innovation project.   We will provide a tailored support package that could include specialist consultancy, IKE certified advice and guidance, access to ATI’s researcher (our Innovation Champion) to help understand any particular issues and potentially access to our innovation fund to match fund new projects.

This can involve the ability to utilise world-class research and facilities from the University of Plymouth through our Researcher. This unique service within Cornwall will enable you to understand new technologies and techniques within your innovation project.

Innovation is not just invention but can be any change that leads to new or additional value for the customer leading to competitive advantage.  The type of projects that ATI can support may involve designing a new product, involving high levels of technical risk or changing your processes, bringing in existing processes and technologies that are new in application to your business.  In essence finding more cost-effective ways of doing things, adding to existing products or services or accessing new markets. 

“My job is to help forward-thinking business people view their business from a different perspective.  As a Business Innovation Advisor, I encourage business leaders to visualise new and innovative opoportunities which maximise productivity and gain competitive advantage.”

Rachel Roach, Business Innovation Advisor