Institute of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange

The IKE Institute is the UK professional body for innovators, a leading provider of SciTech innovation and growth services to business, education and government. It accredits and certificates innovation practices, influencing the inter-relationship between education, business and government through research and collaborative networks.

Guided by its Innovation Council, which brings together senior business leaders representing different economic sectors, the Institute influences policy and supports its members, partners and stakeholders to achieve performance excellence and stimulate innovation.

Formed to support stronger connections between industry and education, the IKE Institute recognises innovation as a professional discipline through the accreditation and certification of innovation practices and offers businesses solutions including innovation strategy development.

The Innovation Manifesto: Championing the people who champion innovation

IKE recognises the critical contribution that innovation plays in addressing business, economic, social and environmental challenges. As a professional body and ‘do-tank’, the Institute supports people who drive innovation and acts as a channel for interaction on issues relating to innovation.

Our Innovation Agenda:

The Institute will continue to work with business and industry, education, Government and public sector partners to:

  • Create and sustain a culture of innovation.
  • Develop talented people to drive and manage innovation.
  • Design and implement a regulatory framework to drive innovation.
  • Promote and secure investment that enables innovation to flourish.
  • Embed innovation in new business models and organisational design.
  • Improve the rate of innovation through investment in research and development.
  • Support infrastructure development which enables growth.
  • Sensitise the market and support market innovation.
  • Facilitate cross-sector innovation transfer.
  • Protect and harness intellectual property.

IKE Institute is a member of the Parliamentary Affairs Committee and the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee.

The IKE Institute supports our educational charity the STEM Foundation ( – an innovation-driven charity that supports improvements in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. It conducts STEM assurance, delivers CPD to lecturers in new and emerging technology areas, facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration and conducts action research that enables knowledge and technology exchange. Since 2004, we have supported over 250 colleges and benchmarked over 100 institutions. Our efforts so far, have positively impacted the lives over 700,000 STEM students in the UK.

“Business as usual is not an option anymore! If you’re you looking for your next business opportunity? Innovation must be at the core of thinking to drive business growth. Innovation is a discipline. To exploit innovation to your business advantage you will need to know how to apply the principles and tools that will help you to innovate your products, processes and business model with a high degree of confidence and deliver value to your customers and end-users.” Prof Sa’ad Sam Medhat PhD MPhil CEng FIET FCIM FCMI FRSA FIKE FIoD Chief Executive, IKE Institute