Do you think of Innovation as taking place in a laboratory? Do you imagine it as people in white coats doing stuff you don’t understand??

Do you want your business to grow, be a disruptor in your industry? Maybe you want to create new processes or use new technology to make yourselves more efficient?

If the answer to any of these is yes, guess what – your business is more innovative than you think!

There is so much that makes up an innovative business. At the Innovation Centres, we are creating innovative communities of like-minded business who want to develop in a professional environment designed to make doing business professionally as easy as possible.

Acceleration Through Innovation will present a superb, interactive workshop on ‘Jumping the Curve’ which will enable you to horizon scan and discuss industry changes – thus helping you keep your business ahead of upcoming changes. Looking at potential opportunities and threats, ATI will help you discover emerging technologies and investigating collaborative working opportunities.