Innovation Research

The Importance of Innovation to your Business

The importance of innovation in business cannot be underestimated.  In order to create a sustainable business that can stand the tests of time, business leaders need to consider the ways in which their business can be innovative in order to lead the way in their field and set themselves apart from competitors.

Acceleration Through Innovation is a project that drives a culture of innovation within the Cornish business community.  Having strong links with the University of Plymouth places us in a position to offer fully funded support through access to:

  • Valuable university resources
  • World class research and innovation expertise
  • Market research
  • Specialist consultancy
  • Guidance on IP and prototyping
  • Innovation grants.


The Innovation Champion

The Innovation Champion has direct access to academic institutions within the county.  In discussion with academics we can find the right collaborative pathway for businesses, whether this means a student project, collaboration on research, the introduction to a KTP officer or the introduction to facilities that you may need as part of your innovation journey.

Over the past two years the Innovation Champion has worked on projects that range from finding a new filling for a bean bag, working with the Cornwall College Surf Science lecturers on the design of a new recycled plastic handplane, collaborating on projects with Smartline, Agritech and Marine-I ensuring that the business had all of the information needed to fully realise their innovation potential.


The Innovation Champion Series

Our Innovation Champion has produced a series of reports in collaboration with university academics exploring key business processes that are pivotal to developing a resilient and diverse business.  These reports service as reference guides for businesses on relevant trends which can enhance a business’s innovation journey.  The reports cover:

  • The Importance of the Life Cycle Assessment
  • Understanding Your Market with a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Horizon Scanning
  • Undertaking Research for your Innovation
  • Universities as a Collaborative Partner
  • Sustainability of packaging
  • Students as a Valuable Resource
  • CAD Drawing
  • Prototying and the Increase of Additive Manufacturing
  • Legislation and British Standards

If you are interested in reading these reports, register your interest with the programme.