Student Internships

The Acceleration Through Innovation programme offers businesses the chance to work and collaborate with The University of Plymouth and its students on an internship basis for a period of up to 2 months to work on your innovation project. Having a student intern can benefit your business in many ways, not least by having a fresh pair of eyes on an issue or problem that you have been mulling over for a period of time.


Reasons to get in touch with us about taking on a student intern :

  • You need fresh ideas for a project
  • You need someone outside the business with academic skills to help with an innovation idea
  • You only require a short-term input but with timely impact
  • You don’t think that you can afford such help
  • You need some help in finding the right fit e.g. science, engineering, business, design, market and other research, product suitability, computing, marine and so on


We are able to help with the cost of this external help by funding 50% of the wages for the 2 months placement (based on a maximum contribution of £600 per month towards the salary of £1200 pm [typically] for the student). 


For more details, to check your eligibility and to express your interest in the scheme, please register your interest.